Intellectual property rights and empowerment are also examined.

We are aware also of the impact of these programs on the funding of educational institutions and library systems, and therefore the search for excellence is also a search for affordable resources, whether at the level of instruction or resource management.

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Built into those models were negative and unwholesome presuppositions about race, gender and segregationist policies, and discriminatory modes of allocation of space, resources and infrastructure prevailed.

We reflect on anticipated outcomes and methods of evaluation.

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Explore the entrepreneurial genius of record label owner Sylvia Robinson (aka The Mother of Hip Hop), the pioneering rap of Roxanne Shante and how mega stars Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah became multi-hyphenates in the entertainment world.

With this model, the use of the library media center is extensive.

One sub-group of the Kondhas, the Dongria Kondh, fought against these forces of change. The tribe, made up of around 8000 people, live in scattered villages by the side of hundreds of perennial streams which flow from the Niyamgiri Hills. Their religion and dependence on the life-giving streams in order to farm the hills leads the tribes-people to call themselves Jharnia, meaning ‘protector of streams’. In 2008 in order to uphold their religious beliefs and in order to survive the small tribe took on the global mining and metal company Vedanta Resources.

Learning and teaching strategies are decisively student centered.

I sat in there still stunned by what happened the night before, confused and devastated by the idea that someone I admired so much had tried to take advantage of me, and used drugs to do so. Had I done something to encourage his actions?

For the first model, the structure of knowledge is logical.

The recognition and appreciation of IKS is a source of healing of therapeutic import, in the context of unhealthy imbalances, distortion, trivialization and neglect, as inflicted by eurocentric education and governance.

For the other its basis is social.

There are psychological, intellectual, and economic reasons, which basically stem from the mode of evolution of the historical process in the continent, as well as the structures of intellectual dominance and dependence associated with colonial and postcolonial hierarchies and power elites.

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I dialed the private number he’d given me expecting to hear his voice on the other end. But he didn’t answer. His wife did. A little shocked, I quickly identified myself to her in the most respectful way possible and then asked to speak to Bill. Camille politely informed me that it was very late, 11:00 P.M. and that they were both in bed together.