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Mr. Skeptic is familiar with Dennis’s case and the documentation surrounding it. For several years, Mr. Skeptic published a page of mine in which I outlined the facts of the cases against Dennis, referring to the exhibits in that present the government's cases. I wrote that essay partly in response to Mr. Skeptic's complaints that he was hearing too much from Dennis’s defenders (I was not the only one), and he would like to see the government's case presented. I presented it with the government's own documents, right from Dennis’s book.

Argumentative essay on factory farming

I really feel for their plight. I started a small livestock farm 7 years ago, the next town over, because I could feel the screaming need for more – any! – small-scale farming infrastructure. The economic incentives against farming are overwhelming, especially starting from scratch! Fencing, housing, lost knowledge, time – and yet, this nation was once predominantly agrarian, and our vast land bank was used as such. Massachusetts was once predominantly deforested, in favor of farms; the forests are back, the farms are gone. In their place, we have artificially inexpensive factory-farmed food from out of state, and a (growing) number of local producers who can sell at a premium to those consumers aware and able to purchase it.
That’s a bad model. People left farms for cities, when mill cities provided jobs. The mills are gone, the cities remain, the farms are gone. We should have returned whence we came when the reason for cities vanished; we didn’t. Now we are left with an unemployable population, with no land to sustain themselves. That, is fundamentally broken.

Factory farming argumentative essay ..

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English IV
Research Paper
Practical Experience
My Mentor
Successes and Challenges Faced
Impact of Project on Me
Research Paper
Thesis Statement: Factory Farming is a moral wrong and is not necessary in this country whatsoever

What is factory farming?
Factory farming is the act of putting several hundred animals into a small building for less spending and more profits.
I spent 15 hours volunteering at the Asheville Humane Society, which is located on 14 Forever Friend Lane off Brevard Road.
Practical Experience
Heather Brannan
Manager of Community Programs at the Asheville Humane Society
Began volunteering as a young adult and rose to her position from there
My Mentor
Successes and Challenges
Learned the proper ways to handle and care for animals
Learned more about animal rights from my research
During my entire project, I had a part-time job, which made finding time very difficult
Impact of Project
Effective time management
How to write a proposal letter and research paper professionally
Helped me realize that being around animals is something I want to do
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Pictures of AHS
Animal Abuse in Factory Farms
Abused daily by their owners
Thrown against walls and floors
Fed harmful and deadly chemicals
Effects on People
Large contributor to obesity crisis
Chemicals cause numerous diseases, and possible future epidemics
What We Can Do to Fight Back
Limit spending at large fast food and grocery chains
Buy meat produced in organic farms
Effects on Animals
End up overweight
Can't move properly
Become injured or dead because of harsh conditions
Government Actions Against Factory Farms
US government has taken little to no action against factory farming
Will most likely continue supporting it because of its profitable market