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Ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Rome were among those whose advancement benefited from the successful cultivation of water....

Mythology provides detailed information about gods and goddesses of the ancient people of Egypt.

But now it has become a matter of race solely based in a European construct. Ancient Hebrewism is at the core of Judaism is not unlike the Baptists, Holiness, or Methodists of current day Christianity that morphed from Catholicism. In order for the modern Judaism to explain their religious beliefs, myths and parables, it isnecessary for them to ream the core of African-ness out of the heart of theirbeliefs, and replace it with another paradigm that centers on Europe and a 6,000 year accounting as their apex.

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Throughout the chaos of different religions in ancient Egypt one factor remained the same, animals.

the Hebrews were influenced in their latter years bythe Hellenists [Greeks], who stole their system of worship, philosophy andreligion form the Egyptians, and the Hebrews in the time of Jesus was alsoinfluenced by the Essenes who were called the Children of the Sun -who got theirreligious understanding from Anu or On [the Greek Heliopolis].

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According to Pinch, religion was of great significance to the villagers, and much of what we know regarding personal, religious practices in ancient Egypt; has come from this site....

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'Homosexual' desire, as apparent from the twenty-seventh declaration in the Negative Confessions of the Book of the Dead, Chapter 125, is condemned by society, nonetheless, there is evidence to support that 'homosexual' acts were known to the ancient Egyptians and the practice of such acts seems to have been more accepted. Declaration 27 states: "I did not a ." is likened with , but apparently without the connotations of abuse that the Old Kingdom term once carried, and simply refers to a sexually passive male.

References to 'homosexual' acts and desires, however, are very few, and where represented, are usually done so with aggression. In the Coffin Texts, Spell 635 utilises the degrading status associated with sodomy to assert the deceased's power over the god Atem: "Atem has no power over N. N his backside ()." Likewise, in Spell 700, in a passage talking of Geb, the deceased again uses sodomy as a symbolism of power: "his phallus is between the buttocks of his son and his heir."


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The Roman emperor Augustus in expressing his rulership also drew from Egyptian sculpture when he had himself depicted as a statue of Menkaure (an ancient Egyptian king) with all the Egyptian trimmings of robe, crown, and pos...

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Many scholars have researched the development of Ancient Egyptian religion over the centuries and have studied the direct correlation between it and the modern religions of Judaism and Christianity.

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In their quest for the root they did not have, they co-opted and preserved a shadow of the Egyptianand Canaanite religion and culture the Hebrews possessed, which manifested in the feasts, commandments, and all other rites and rituals.