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They get paid just as much as they deserve."Lolly, 12, London, England"I think the footballers are getting paid too much for playing a match that is just 90 minutes long.

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What's the big deal about kicking a ball?"Brooke, 14, Bedfordshire, England"I think footballers are paid too much because all they do is kick a football into a net."Alex, 8, Worcestershire, England"They are definitely paid too much.

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There are loads of other jobs that should get way more than footballers, and instead they could give some of the money to charity!!"Hannah, 12, Scotland"I don't think footballers get paid too much because they work hard."Lewis, 11, Nottinghamshire, England"Yes!

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I know I sound like an old lady, but it's true!!!"Cara, 14, Edinburgh, Scotland"It is unbelievable and shocking, and if footballers say it is not enough they're really greedy and selfish."Zoey, 13, Liverpool, England"I think that footballers are paid way too much because normal everyday people work longer hours and get paid nothing like £150k a year, but some players get paid that a week!!"Ellie, 13, Manchester, England"I think they get paid too much.

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The money flooding into football explains such large salaries."Jim, 9, Cornwall, England"They are paid way too much, it's not like they are saving lives or anything, but people who work in hospitals are and they only get a fraction of the amount."Abi, 12, Northampton, England"You have to think about it this way - footballers can only really play until they're about 30.

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They are just men that can kick a ball around a field for 90 minutes."Holly, 10, Birmingham, England"They are skilled, but there isn't much money around and it is quite a waste."Polly, 10, London, England"I think that footballers get paid way too much.

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All footballers do is play for a few minutes."Karen, 11, London, England"I think footballers are paid WAY WAY WAY too much for what they do!

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"I think footballers are paid WAY too much because all they do is kick a ball. It's lucky that they're good but actors have to work really hard!!"