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Instead, information on gender should be a natural part of a comprehensive business school education. It should be worked into the core curriculum, as well as be a part of targeted optional events and activities.

When applying to business school, the essay can make or break your chances of admittance.

The applicant is a woman from the US who worked in manufacturing/engineering product management and operations before applying to business school.

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In this vein, there are two important video essays tips to keep in mind when applying to b-schools:

For business schools that want to lead the way on gender, the first step is to take stock of how the institution currently represents itself. At Babson, we’ve analyzed the diversity of the case studies used in our business school core-curriculum, as well as the speakers and panelists featured at major events and the students participating in important programs and leadership roles.

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But Babson's efforts are hardly the sum total of the gender-balance efforts going on today: There are many ways business schools are , from revamping admissions and financial aid to changing curricula and facilitating discussions around gender.

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Former, current and prospective students should be asking these same questions of their own business schools. Our review, for instance, helped identify areas where we are now making a concerted effort to promote a more inclusive view of business leadership -- and where we could do more.

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Business students also learn primarily from men, since typically only 15 percent to 25 percent of at top business schools are women. These disparities present future CEOs, entrepreneurs and managers with a vision of business leadership that is almost exclusively male.

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Schools like and now require three video essays from each applicant. is another that has added video responses to its application, and recently announced that it would be introducing video questions for this year’s applicants.

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As the training ground for tomorrow’s leaders, business schools and university business programs play an important role in . Yet we often present an outdated vision of business leadership. Research shows that women are marginalized throughout business school, from the to the makeup of the faculty, to the in academic papers and case studies.