The battle of Hastings took place on October 14th 1066

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Battle of Hastings essaysWhy did the Normans win the battle of Hastings

William was crowned on Christmas Day 1066; he celebrated Christmas 1069 in the burning ruins of York, in the midst of a 'harrying' from which the north of England wouldn't recover for fifty years.Cecelia Holland remarks, 'Hastings deserves its reputation as the greatest battle in English history, and a major turning point in the history of the world.' She's surely right.

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The Battle of Hastings 1066

The Battle of Hastings took place at a site now known as Battle on 14 October 1066. Harold drew up his army in three wedges on Senlac Ridge, overlooking the battlefield. With him he had little more than 5,000 footsore and weary men, ranged against a Norman force of up to 15,000 infantry, archers and cavalry.