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Yet another similarity is the idea of comitatus, the relationshipbetween a king and his subordinates. Today, we see this in many relations. Society membersfeel this sense of loyalty towards their President, or Prime Minister. Army cadets feelthis loyalty towards their commanding soldier. To some extent students feel it towardstheir teachers, and children towards their parents. In the world of , it washonorable to die as a soldier. This seen as Beowulf speaks to Hrothgar: "Sorrow not,wise warrior. It is better for a man to avenge his friend than much mourn. Each of us mustawait his end of the world's life. Let him who may get glory before death: that is bestfor the warrior after he has gone from life. Arise, guardian of the kingdom, let us go atonce to look on the track of Grendel's kin" (Norton, 45). Beowulf is clearly sayingthat there is glory in death. This idea is also present in modern society. The death of asoldier is looked upon as an act of extreme courage. Just as people who lack this couragein the armed forces are looked down upon, so was Unferth. His lending of Hrunting (hissword) to Beowulf was an act of cowardice.

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Blood is also commonly used as a symbol in the book. Shakespeare uses blood to symbolize the guilt in the people who do wrong. It is used to symbolize how they have stained their hands and could not possibly was their sins and stains off. This is seen when Macbeth and his Lady Macbeth embark from their journey of doom. The blood on their hands seems impossible to wash away. The blood here is also used to show the guilt that Macbeth and his lady experience throughout the play.

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The heroes also differ at some areas and aspects. The first and main difference is that all the men live in different times. Though their situations seem closely related all the men face different situations. Beowulf has a leadership position and he has the responsibility of taking care of his people. The Knight only has his experience in war and bravery to try to save the situation. Macbeth on the other hand is a greedy soldier who is seeking the top leadership position for his country.

Comparative Paper: Beowulf and Batman Essay

There is a debate amongst scholars as to the exact description of Grendel in the original epic poem Beowulf. This is because the exact characteristics and physical description of Grendel never actually appears in any of the Old English texts that were written by the original poet. Many scholars, however, agree on the fact that Grendel was actually a descendent from Cain, Abel's brother and Adam's son. These scholars have defined Grendel as a monster who is somewhat human in shape but much larger. Other people who have translated the original text have written similar things, citing that Grendel's head was so large that it required more than a few men to carry it when Beowulf decapitated him in Grendel's mother's lair. Grendel's body is also defined to be extremely tough as none of the weapons that Beowulf or his men wielded were able to hurt him. When Beowulf tore Grendel's arm from the body, many of the people described the arm as having horn-type growths and being covered with impenetrable scales.