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Desire and Vision in Blade Runner, by Cathy Cupitt. An in-depth essay examining post-modern desires and fears and their visual representation in Blade Runner.

Postmodern Media: Blade Runner and Postmodernism

One of the big questions in Blade Runner is "What does it mean to be Human?" John W. Whitehead has a look at this and related questions in Blade Runner couched in a view of the postmodern world.

A Metaphor Of Postmodernism In Blade Runner - UK Essays

Blade Runner and Postmodernism In the first paragraph of this essay, ..

A pleasant site looking at how to use Blade Runner in English - specifically the UK GCSE English, but applicable anywhere. Commentary, possible essay titles, etc. provided by Duncan Grey at Hinchingbrooke School. Includes differences list between Blade Runner and DADoES.