The ongoing feud between the Montague¶s and Capulet¶s causes friction

However, the three most culpable parties are the set of opposing parents; the Montagues and Capulets, the prince; Escalus of Verona and ultimately the lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

Lord Capulet is the head of the Capulets and is well respected by the rest of his house.

Sampson and Gregory are itching for a fight as they both believe that they have just as much right to defend the name ‘capulet’ as any other member of the family....

He is also Lady Capulets wife and Juliet's father....

Capulet uses phrases such as µThy tempest tossed body¶, and

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In some scenes as an audience I have been quite sympathetic towards Capulet but then in other scenes I have felt that he has been rather harsh to members of his family and other characters in the play.

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In the instance of Romeo and Juliet, whether this was true love or simply lust, the Capulets and Montagues were made to be the barrier between them, causing sad, lovelorn children.

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In act 3 scene 5 we see a lot of conflict between Lord Capulet and Juliet we can see this from the following line “Hang thee, young baggage disobedient wretch!” this line shows that there is conflict because Lord Capulet is calling Juliet a “disobedient wretch” which negative language and that make the audience believe that he is angry so that means there must be some sort o...

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Lady Capulet is shown as a very distant mother, though this is to be expected when there is a Nurse taking care of the child from the early stages of the child’s life.

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Romeo arrives at the Capulet vault and finds it guarded by Paris, who is there to mourn the loss of his betrothed. Paris challenges Romeo to a duel, and Romeo kills him quickly. Romeo then carries Paris' body into the grave and sets it down. Upon seeing Juliet's "dead" body lying in the tomb, Romeo drinks the poison, gives her a last kiss - and dies.