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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using CCTV cameras to fight crime

In fact, while we should be concerned with protecting our liberty and dignity from intrusive government actions, the red light cameras are actually less intrusive than traditional traffic policing. The law recognizes that even a brief police stop is a “seizure,” a temporary deprivation of liberty. When I was caught on a red light camera, I avoided that.


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As a newcomer to your site and having read your article on the
above, you do not need to go as far as East Germany and China, the
UK government has given rights to at least 400+ public bodies to
monitor emails, internet traffic, searches, contents of your PC
WITHOUT requiring any special permission and without the knowledge
of the target. This means that any public servant can log on without
justification and monitor your mails. In addition, the UK is the
most monitored society in the world with more than 4 million CCTV
cameras monitoring its' citizens. Also ANY breach of the law is now
an arrestable offence which requires the offender to be
fingerprinted and DNA taken, unlike on the spot fines in the
USA. If cleared the record stays on the police computer together
with the DNA sample. The police can then go "phishing". This record
can then prevent the target from entering the USA on a holiday as he
now has a police record - even for eating an apple, sandwich or
smoking while driving. A case this morning was a lorry driver who
removed his switched off mobile from his pocket to place on the
dashboard was arrested even though he was'nt using the phone!!

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Automated cameras are the hot new law enforcement tool. Cities use them to catch red light runners and speeders (I was caught by one myself earlier this year). Washington is setting up hundreds of cameras to monitor streets, federal buildings, subway stations, and other locations. Police used cameras with face recognition technology at last year’s Super Bowl to catch known fugitives.

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in India/Saudi Arabia usually apartments are equipped with CCTV cameras and gates, hence providing better security as compared to individual houses were there is a greater risk of theft as there are no security systems for the whole area. So wrote the essay from this point of view.