All of this simply reeks of rent-seeking and crony capitalism -- i.e.

The 1,1 outcome is the "Nash Equilibrium" because, in the absence of knowledge of the other player's move, it is the rational strategy to "maximize utility" by avoiding the possibility of a 0 result.

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Individuals end up in competition to see how much they can get out of the assets in relation to others, whether the capital value of the assets is destroyed in the process or not.

Those attempts often fail, which is why profit involves risk.

But the government was also  for help it received at the time of the mortgage collapse.

There is also the circumstance, I suspect, that because intellectuals like Marx and Jacques Barzan do not know how to start or run businesses, they have little understanding or awareness of how this can even be done.

John von Neumann (1903-1957) [].

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Lucy has a very large score, while Charlie Brown still has zero [].

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Public Choice theory gives rise to a serious Prisoner's Dilemma.

Meanwhile, the Democrats passed ObamaCare (patterned on RomneyCare in Massachusetts), in great measure because of the (rent-seeking) support of Insurance Companies, which were promised a captive audience of consumers to buy their insurance -- and protected by the law from financial losses they might suffer from the irrationalities and diseconomies of socialized medicine.

These results contain a stunning moral and political lesson.

After the Bank of America was urged by the Feds to buy up two insolvent financial businesses (Merrill Lynch and Countrywide Financial), it was subsequently by the Justice Department as being liable for supposed frauds committed (i.e.

Shawn has plenty of conflicts of his own.

Thus, the United States Government sends the message that businesses will be protected from incompetence and competition but that they exist at the arbitrary and capricious mercy, sufferance, and condescension of the government (the principle of all totalitarian states for all citizens) -- a doctrine openly voiced by raving Leftists like [] and implied by Obama's famous "you didn't build that" speech.