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During the first day, we will be completing college searches, identifying of majors, and using Naviance to define potential career goals and create a college list.

During Summer College Boot Camp students will be registering with the Common Application.

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If you’re interested in our college essay bootcamp, or send us an email to . While it is completely not necessary to conduct these bootcamps in person, if you so desire, we are offering these bootcamps in the Los Angeles area this summer.

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July 9 – July 13 (Business, Starting Gate, Haworth College of Business)
Cost: $100.00
Grade: 9 – 12
Find out what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in our summer entrepreneurship camp. You will learn about developing the mindset of an entrepreneur and walk away with tools to help you launch your business idea. Your days will be spent in brainstorming sessions, company tours of businesses in the research park, learning about key entrepreneurial principles from WMU faculty, talking with WMU student entrepreneurs about how they have launched thriving businesses, meeting local entrepreneurs and learning about their entrepreneurship journeys, and preparing materials and plans for your business idea. Camp is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Anyone can be a camp counselor, I said, and in this economy, she can’t afford to be just anyone. She needs to show that she is exceptional, to bedazzle potential employers, to brand herself. Just one line on the résumé could spell the difference between joining the millions of college grads lounging on their parents’ couches and a fabulous entry-level gig with Martin Scorsese — or, if she changes vocational directions, another rung on the ladder to success.

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Like it or not, a summer internship — indeed, more than one — has become de rigueur for a college student. That is a big reason why her camp, like others, has had an increasingly difficult time retaining experienced counselors. Whatever she wants to do upon graduation — right now, the uncomfortably tentative plan is to make documentary films — I insisted that those reviewing my daughter’s work experience will be decidedly unimpressed with “Camp Counselor, 2009-2012.”

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In an act of quiet rebellion, my daughter will spend this summer as a counselor at a sleep-away camp in the Adirondacks. As rebellions go, this one is admittedly very tame. But she is resisting considerable pressure to join the throngs of anxious fellow collegians (she’s finishing her junior year) who will pad their résumés with summer internships in corporations, charities, law firms and other employers that, according to conventional wisdom, offer better preparation for the brutal economy than a summer camp.

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Then, we’ll go back and forth with revisions until this Personal Statement is in outstanding shape for submission to highly selective colleges. If you do a one-on-one college essay bootcamp with us, you will come away with a phenomenal essay. It will be original. It will be powerful. It will inspire admissions officers at America’s top colleges to want to go to bat for you, to pull for you. We know how to sway admissions officers. We know how to change their emotions and make them want to say, “I want this kid.”