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No es sólo el abuso de confianza cometido al amparo de una sotana sino la política sistemática de parte de la Iglesia Católica tanto en Chile como en el mundo que en el mejor de los casos fue de desidia y en el peor de ocultamiento.

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The home will serve as an advocacy center for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, although you would not gather that from the home’s comfortable appearance.

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"When my experience happened, I thought I was the only one," Apuron said, as he sat in an office in Hagåtña yesterday, speaking with The Guam Daily Post.

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The latest statements by Pope Francis on the plane back to the Vatican provoked various reactions. In the instance, accompanied by the media, the Pontiff apologized for his remarks on his last day in Chile, where he supported the stay of Bishop Juan Barros in the diocese of Osorno and assured on that occasion that no has been presented. test "against you (see note pages 2-3).

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Regarding this situation, the lawyer of the victims of Karadima, Juan Pablo Hermosilla, explained that all the information regarding what happened in the parish of El Bosque are available to the Vatican. "The mere fact that Barros has been so close to Karadima is an antecedent that speaks for itself," he said.

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In addition, he said that no action was taken against Barros, or other priests close to the former pastor, because "we did not have the resources to complain against all of them. Therefore, we prefer to include everything in a single action, which was the civil suit against the Church. "
And he pointed out that for his defendants the whole process has meant a great emotional strain. "The Vatican's weight is being placed on three victims who have made a gigantic effort. It's a lack of respect, it's hypocrisy. "

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Para algunos, la acción del Pontífice representó un gran gesto de humildad. Mientras que para otros, está lejos de ser suficiente para reparar el daño.

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Regarding the sentence where the Pontiff maintains that he can not dismiss the prelate, because he would be missing the presumption of innocence, Juan Carlos Claret, spokesman of the Lajos de Osorno group, said that "the Pope has not understood that his work is not is to be a court, but a spiritual leader. " He added that "now we know that he ends up assuming the exclusive responsibility for the appointment and permanence of Juan Barros (...). This demonstrates an act of inhuman and cruel irresponsibility, because he preferred to sacrifice an entire diocese and subject Juan Barros himself to a situation that concerns his dignity."