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Merritt and Daleiden were undercover journalists at the Center for Medical Progress, a group which seeks to expose the role of Planned Parenthood clinics and tissue harvesters in the trade of fetal tissue of aborted babies. The group began releasing videos in July of 2015 that were undercover video recordings of conversations with Planned Parenthood officials.

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Though not always a total determinant, one's view of the quality oflife more or less influences one's ideas about the value of life and whetherto conceive it, let it be born, and/or let it continue. It may not be atotal determinant, for example, someone may practice birth control butmay feel that a child that is accidentally conceived still ought not tobe aborted for religious reasons or because "fate" seemed to conceive itand "decree" its birth. Or one might feel that a contemplated child's probablylower than desirable future quality of life does not justify intentionallyconceiving one, but that the quality of life is not likely to be so badthat it justifies terminating one that is already conceived.

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But this is only in regard to situations where you have not knowinglyor negligently incurred some special obligation or responsibility (suchas making a promise, borrowing money, etc.). If you put dynamite in a buildingto be razed, you have a much higher responsibility, and must take greaterefforts and even risks if necessary, to ensure no one wanders into thatbuilding than you do if you had nothing to do with putting it there butsimply know it is there.

Archbishop Cordileone still heads the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

I don't think deadman understood your analogy otherwise he would have thrown smog into your analogy. Anyway, I think your essay was well put. Now, WHERE is the blog on your interview with O'Reily. And did this particular subject come up? I can imagine he'd answer this with spin/spun/spin/spun etc.

On All Souls’ Day, Pope Francis prays for an end to war

Crime goes in waves just like everything else in this country. I think it is impossiable to say 1 or even 2 social issues were the cause of a increase or decrease in crime. It's so many factors. For example all accross the country crime increases during the summer, it is certainly more factors than just the heat.

Death in the modern age – and how to prepare as a Catholic

The issue of whether seriously unhealthy or seriously malformed fetuses should be identified and aborted:
since quality of life does seem to be a consideration, and since certainkinds of defects assure suffering and preclude even minimal quality oflife, it seems that anyone arguing severely deformed or fatally or morbidly ill fetuses should beallowed to be born (or "forced" to be born and thus forced to suffer) needsto have and to show some very good reasons why. The simplistic argumentthat abortionists are playing God is not sufficient. We are playing Godeither way, since we have the power either way (assuming the real God doesnot intervene the opposite way and really play God) for bringing aboutabortion or live delivery. We are playing God just as much to make someonebe born as when we keep someone from being born.