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The portrait which was painted after 1503 is said to have taken the artist about three years to complete it. Mona Lisa as presented by da Vinci is said to be a wife of Francesco del Giocondo who was a famous cloth merchant from Florence. The woman in the painting is therefore postulated to be Lisa Gherardini. Nonetheless, there are debates and mysteries surrounding this painting which have not been resolved up to the modern days. More significant is the fact that the painting has been admired greatly since its creation. It has also been described as a renaissance portrait. Its fame grew when it was stolen in 1911 from Salon Carre and later retrieved from Florence. It is thus through Mona Lisa as portrayed by da Vinci that it becomes evident how a work of art can be so significant in communication , engagement of the audience and eliciting various thematic expressions and feelings in a very significant manner.

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Your essay should include descriptions of the photograph or painting. You need facts to support and develop your ideas and interpretations, and your descriptions will be those facts. Do not try to describe everything in the photograph or painting. Focus on describing the important parts, the parts that help reveal the meaning according to your interpretation and that help you support the ideas about the work that you present.

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You do not have to be an expert on photography or painting to write a strong essay for this assignment! Don't worry about trying to use the jargon of an art critic in your essay. Instead, work on demonstrating skills essential to all effective writers: the ability to observe, describe, analyze, think, and present ideas well.

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Fauvism has its roots in the paintings of Paul Gauguin. It was his use of that pushed art towards the style of Fauvism. Gauguin proposed that color had a symbolic vocabulary which could be used to visually translate a range of emotions. In '' where Gauguin depicts Jacob wrestling with an angel, he paints the background a flat red to emphasise the mood and subject of the sermon: Jacob's spiritual battle fought in a blood red field of combat. Gauguin believed that color had a mystical quality that could express our feelings about a subject rather than simply describe a scene. By breaking the established descriptive role that color had in painting, he inspired the younger artists of his day to experiment with new possibilities for . Painting Description Essay Example. Sunday, 22 June 2014. iWriteEssays. Samples Essays. 25331 Hits. Painting Essay Example: Description of a Work of Art. Sample Descriptive Essay on Monal Lisa (With an Outline) I. Introductory Paragraph (Subject:. The painting is most famous for the smile of the woman. Writing About Art. APPENDIX III: Sample student papers. (check the dictionary!), a more visually descriptive word should be selected or the idea left out. Descriptive essay about a painting. Author: Shelia Olander. A boat under a rose Subconscious Interlude is a painting by Joseph Cusimano. Every person can decode. How to Write a Descriptive Essay How can I write a descriptive essay about myself in 200 words or more? wikiHow Contributor. Start with your name.

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You will need to go beyond just describing the photograph or painting. You also need to analyze and interpret it. Your description of the photograph or painting should help lead you to discover its meaning, and the descriptions will help you support the ideas about the subject that you present.

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Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for Descriptive Art essays and paper topics like Essay This is a descriptive essay of a painting by Jeffrey Wilkie. Sample Descriptive Essay on Monal Lisa (With an Outline) I. Introductory Paragraph (Subject:. The painting is most famous for the smile of the woman. Descriptive Essay on a Piece of Art Tips on writing a descriptive essay on a Piece of Art: Writing descriptive essays is like writing narrative essays. ART 1101 Starry Night Descriptive Essay. Introduction to Arts Color Scheme Essay Vincent. ART 1101 Starry Night Descriptive Essay - Introduction to. «Descriptive essay about a painting» in pictures. More images «Descriptive essay about a painting.