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A deterministic chaotic system has, roughly speaking, two salientfeatures: (i) the evolution of the system over a long time periodeffectively mimics a random or stochastic process—it lackspredictability or computability in some appropriate sense; (ii) twosystems with nearly identical initial states will have radicallydivergent future developments, within a finite (and typically, short)timespan. We will use “randomness” to denote the firstfeature, and “sensitive dependence on initial conditions”(SDIC) for the latter. Definitions of chaos may focus on either orboth of these properties; Batterman (1993) argues that only (ii)provides an appropriate basis for defining chaotic systems.

These three of the eight features are determinism, objectivity, and pessimism.

The majority of the individuals are inclined towards libertarianism because they are of the view that soft determinism difference between acts is not in line with ones desires and those desires that go against his own desires does not guarantee an appropriate differentiation between bad and good acts. It is vital to recognize that libertarians do not oppose determinism because of what they think of as being as the necessities of morals. Libertarians are of the view that determinists are too in their perceptions of human psychology. For instance, when we refer to a deterministic model in which individuals act based on their strongest desire, in simple terms given the presence of a strongest desire, an individual will usually act depending on that desire. The libertarian will be of the view that this is not correct. This is because the majority of the individuals act usually act not in favor of the strongest desire. Imagine a situation whereby an individual wants to commit suicide. This would be proper for the determinists because according g to them; they must adhere to the laws governing human beings, but the libertarians would not accept this because they hold that despite the fact an individual has a strongest desire, he can opt not to commit suicide.

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For example, Oedipus was destined to greatness and banishment, but not all aspects of his life were predetermined.

In fact, the American attorney, Clarence Darrow, used this incompatibility as the basis of his defence of two boys on charge for the murder of fourteen year old Bobby Franks. The murderers were both highly intelligent and had carefully planned the attack in order to assert their superior position within society. Although they initially faced the death penalty, Darrow managed to have their sentence reduced to life imprisonment, arguing that the boys were the unavoidable products of their upbringings. While accepting that they should be imprisoned to stop them from committing similar crimes, Darrow claimed that the boys did not possess free will and, therefore, could not be held morally responsible for their atrocious behaviour. Such an example undeniably reinforces the incompatibility between Hard Determinism and the concept of free will.

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Free will according to the Encarta encyclopedia is "The power or ability of the human mind to choose a course of action or make a decision without being subject to restraints imposed by antecedent causes, by necessity, or by divine predetermination....

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Two features of special relativistic physics make it perhaps the mosthospitable environment for determinism of any major theoreticalcontext: the fact that no process or signal can travel faster than thespeed of light, and the static, unchanging spacetime structure. Theformer feature, including a prohibition against tachyons (hypotheticalparticles travelling faster than light)[]), rules out space invaders and other unbounded-velocity systems. Thelatter feature makes the space-time itself nice and stable andnon-singular—unlike the dynamic space-time of GeneralRelativity, as we shall see below. For source-free electromagneticfields in special-relativistic space-time, a nice form of Laplaceandeterminism is provable. Unfortunately, interesting physics needs morethan source-free electromagnetic fields. Earman (1986) ch. IV surveysin depth the pitfalls for determinism that arise once things areallowed to get more interesting (e.g. by the addition of particlesinteracting gravitationally).

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Finally, an elegant example of apparent violation of determinism inclassical physics has been created by John Norton (2003). Asillustrated in , imagine a ball sitting at the apex of a frictionless dome whoseequation is specified as a function of radial distance from the apexpoint. This rest-state is our initial condition for the system; whatshould its future behavior be? Clearly one solution is for the ball toremain at rest at the apex indefinitely.