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Personally, I treasure disagreement and dissent – even when presented strongly. Such discussions can be exceptionally instructive and beneficial, even if they aren’t always comfortable.

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Boortin, in the excerpt from his work,
The Decline of Radicalism
is correct to argue
that the American society and democracy thrives on engaging and reasoned disagreement but is killed by emotional and irrational dissenssion, which is fundimental to all America's problems.
Be Systematic
***Boortin's claim +
your position
To Defend:
To Challenge:
Daniel J.

Argument: Dissent and Disagreement by Sukie Zhang on …

...ilities of Congress is that minorities and factions exist: dissent takes place, not disagreements.

For now, India and Pakistan are in a disagreement – but as time progresses, and their discord transforms into dissension, citizens are put at risk as both nations currently have the technology to utilize weapons of mass destruction.