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I’ve been struck, during my time at Yale, by how similar everyone looks. You hardly see any hippies or punks or art-school types, and at a college that was known in the ’80s as the Gay Ivy, few out lesbians and no gender queers. The geeks don’t look all that geeky; the fashionable kids go in for understated elegance. Thirty-two flavors, all of them vanilla. The most elite schools have become places of a narrow and suffocating normalcy. Everyone feels pressure to maintain the kind of appearance—and affect—that go with achievement. (Dress for success, medicate for success.) I know from long experience as an adviser that not every Yale student is appropriate and well-adjusted, which is exactly why it worries me that so many of them act that way. The tyranny of the normal must be very heavy in their lives. One consequence is that those who can’t get with the program (and they tend to be students from poorer backgrounds) often polarize in the opposite direction, flying off into extremes of disaffection and self-destruction. But another consequence has to do with the large majority who can get with the program.

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These are exciting times in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and we welcome you to become involved in the numerous opportunities and experiences provided by our faculty and staff. With a mission of “Empowering individuals to lead and serve our dynamic world,” we as members of the faculty and staff encourage students to become engaged in a variety of real world experiences in the classroom, in our local community, and across the globe. We live in an environment characterized by diversity. The knowledge gained and skills acquired in a variety of settings, including study abroad opportunities, will prepare you to positively impact those with whom you work. For both undergraduate and graduate students, the international experience is life changing. Faculty members and staff, along with students, are available to serve as mentors and value the relationships that develop during a student’s college experience at WKU.