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Let me be clear – This is not a philosophical essay. I came across the text for today a few years ago and it really got me thinking. Last night I was thinking and praying about what to write today, only to wake up this morning with this text on my heart. I believe God wants you to know that the end does not always justify the means.

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I think its easy for those who are regular active members in good standing to justify this conduct because it does not affect them. But we know that both her bishop and stake president are both lawyers. They should know better. And I think given how high the stakes are it is perfectly reasonable for Sister Kelly and the rest of use to hold them to high standards, including following the rules they are supposed to follow. The end does not justify the means.

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Take one step at a time, it is your steps that are guided – Don’t be tempted to skip the steps and take the elevator. Do not try to jimmy the lock – use the key. The means matters as well as the end – The end does not always justify the means. Wait for the proper time and go through the procedure.