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Ben participates in a game show called the Running Man. Contestants are declared enemies of the state, and to win 100 billion "New Dollars" they must survive being chased by Hunters trying to kill them for 30 days. Ben Richards turns out to do the best job of running from the Hunters in the history of the show. Common to almost all dystopian science fiction, themes of a corrupt government are heavy, with Ben's messages to the public altered by the government in power.

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Ignoring tacky popular culture, Zamyatin's novel is considered the grandfather of dystopian science-fiction. It shows a totalitarian, confirmative, modern industrialist society where the state believes free will causes unhappiness and its citizens lives should be controlled for their best interests. Intellectual themes aside, Zamyatin sure has a way with words. Take for example his description of a woman walking, moving her buttocks "from side to side as if she had eyes in them." Zamyatin's curious and unorthodox descriptive prose is fascinating to read.

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The novel should appeal to anyone enjoying alternative futures and intelligent social commentary. It stresses future changes in society and politics. It's on the soft science-fiction side, but given it's considered to be one of the earliest of the modern dystopias, it's made this top 25 list. If that's not enough to convince you, even George Orwell admits that he was inspired by The Iron Heel, writing an retrospective essay on London's novel in his collected essays, Volume 4.

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The novel follows Guy Montag, in a dystopian American society where books and intellectual thought are banned. Guy is a fireman in a society where firemen don't put out fires, they burn contraband books, and the houses the banned books are found in. Montag never questions this destruction, until his wife attempts to kill herself, and he meets a neighborhood girl who believes in freedom of expression, thought, and in the ideas in books. Guy begins to hoard the books he is sent to destroy, and reads them in secret. When he's found out, he goes on the run.

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This book ranks third on this list, and let's be frank here, because everybody appreciates sex and drugs woven into an intricate story line to pep up an otherwise depressing future. A future with sanctioned drugs and bi-weekly orgies, you say? Why is this future considered to be a dystopia and not a utopia? Probably because you have no choice about dying at the ripe old age of 60. At least you'll die young, beautiful and full of health, not having known pain, ugliness or hardship.

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Brave New World also enjoys the honor of being one of the most banned books for "negative activities", which we can only assume means all of the fun things in the book. And on this note, it leaves us with the moral that if you take away all of the unpleasantness from life, how can you know what is pleasurable and enjoy it?This novel has something to appeal to everyone: science fiction fans, dystopia/utopia fans, car enthusiasts, drug addicts, polygamists, polyamorous people, and Shakespeare snobs.

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Zamyatin's dystopian world is the One State, a construction similar to a prison designed by Jeremy Bentham, optimizing surveillance to the extreme: the citizens are constantly monitored. Life is organized to promote maximum efficiency. The Benefactor is the Big Brother in this piece, but actually exists. Men have odd numbers prefixed by consonants; women have even numbers prefixed by vowels. D0503 is the chief engineer of the One State's project to use its spaceship Integral to conquer neighboring planets. D's assigned lover, O-90 is depressed by her life - she is considered too short to bear children.