Earthbound New Introductory Essays In Environmental Ethics

1983. Earthbound: New Introductory Essays in Environmental Ethics. Editor, with an Introduction. Random House (paper) and Temple University Press (cloth).

04/02/2018 · Earthbound: New introductory essays in environmental ethics [Tom, ed

This anthology, designed for use in undergraduate courses in environmental ethics, includes new and classic readings by leading writers in the field, full-length case studies, and many short discussion cases. Introductions and discussion questions are provided for all the essays, with each chapter introduced by a summary of the issues and appropriate philosophic, historical and scientific background.

earthbound introductory essays in environmental ethics

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7. Aldo Leopold and respect for land

Leopold basic his ethics on at the time (beginning of the 20st century) new, ecological, insights. Land (soil, water and air) is no meaningless, lifeless substance, but exists of mutual dependant organisms. Land is a biotic community. Leopold's ethics means that we should protect the integrity, stability, health and beauty of biotic communities. Leopold hasn't always been clear about why we should do this. Sometimes, his reply deposed of 'deep environmentalism', which means that we should do this in the interest of these communities themselves.