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Body Paragraph #1: Topic Sentence: One reason a tourist should visit New York City is because there are so many things to do at all times.

Evidence/Example: For example, New York City has many museums, historical sites, and famous landmarks.
Explanation: Tourists with many different interests have plenty of options to learn more about the city and history by going to different museums in one small area.
Evidence/Example: New York City is the home of Broadway shows.
Explanation: Many famous musicals and actors started on Broadway in New York City and have become extremely famous.
Conclusion: New York City has something for everyone to do and will leave no tourist bored.
Sample Body Paragraph Topic Sentence: Presenting the counterargument- You may begin this paragraph by using one of the following: "One might argue..." or "Others might disagree because...".

Evidence/Example: This is where you provide evidence as to why that counterargument isn't going to work.

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To be realistic I can only visit places on earth. There are the Seven, and other, Wonders of the Earth and I like to visit them all, if possible. After hearing about the marvels of The Pyramids Of Egypt, The Great Wall Of China, The Taj Mahal, The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, The Colosseum Of Rome, Stonehenge in England and others, it would be great to actually be there and experience these things first-hand.

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It should include the three things that you will be talking about in your body paragraphs.

In your T-chart, write three pro's on the left and three cons on the right side about the place you want someone to visit.