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It is not true, as some claimed as early as the middle of the sixteenthcentury, that Dr. Faust grew up in Wittenberg and earned a doctorate oftheology there, that he lived near the outer gate and had a house andgarden in a street named Schneegasse (which never existed), and that hewas strangled by the devil in the village of Kimlich, a half mile fromWittenberg, in the presence of several scholars and students. However, hedid spend time in Wittenberg and was tolerated there for a while, until hebecame so crude that they tried to imprison him, and then fled to anotherplace.

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Faustus and Modern Psychology Due to the fact that I recently finished reading Spirit and Will by Gerald May, I find my perception of Christopher Marlowe’s Dr.

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“These metaphysics of magicians are heavenly (ironic);… these are those that Faustus most desires.

Doctor Faustus' final soliloquy takes place during his last hour to live before his deal with the devil expires and he is carried off to spend eternity in hell.

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Dr. Faust, however, did lead a student astray. Dr. Lercheimer himselfknew one of his friends well into an advanced age. This man had a crookedmouth. Whenever he wanted a hare, he would go out into the woods, make hishocus-pocus, and a hare would run right into his hands.

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"Then go to the devil, you cursed piece of devil's meat and member ofthe devil's band!" cried the monk angrily. "Go to the eternal fires thathave been prepared for the devil and his angels!" And the monk ran toRector Magnificus and reported to him that Dr. Faustus was a totallyunrepentant sinner.

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Doctor Faustus took three silver platters, set them in front of thedining room window, muttered a magic formula, then soon returned withfresh fruit. The first platter was filled with apples, pears, and peaches;the second with cherries, apricots, and plums; and the third filled withred and green grapes. He invited the countess to partake of the fruit,which she did with great pleasure.

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Soon everyone in Erfurt was talking of nothing but Dr. Faust, and itwas feared that a great many people would be led astray through hisdevilish arts.

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When it came time for Doctor Faustus to take leave of Anhalt, herequested the count and the countess to accompany him on a walk, for hewanted to show them something new. This they did, accompanied by thecount's entourage. Approaching the castle gate, they saw a newlyconstructed palace on the hill called Rombühl. Water birds wereswimming in its broad moats. The palace had five towers. As the party camecloser, they found that two of the towers and the outer yard were alivewith a menagerie of rare animals which were walking a jumping aboutinside, without injuring one another. There were apes, monkeys, bears,chamois, ostriches, as well as other animals.