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Concluding Remarks: By now, the reader must have grasped the essence of my article. The central theme of the essay, in effect, boils down to the infancy of political culture in Ethiopia and the necessary precondition of a tolerant and diverse political system for peaceful and smooth transformation. However, in so far separate disconnected agendas continue to characterize the Ethiopian political culture, I am afraid it may take years for a coherent and collective political program to coalesce. On the other hand, given the steadfastness and altruistic commitment of some Ethiopians, I remain optimistic that Ethiopia will rise from the dust, strong and united, especially if the crème of the crème exhibit a sense of sacrifice and unity. But this advanced segment of the Ethiopian society must understand that it should go beyond dry functional connections and envision a proactive and viable (as opposed to reactive and spontaneous engagement) political program for a guarantee in political transformation.

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In my view, in our Ethiopian culture many people do not care about truth or the value of truth for its own sake; rather, many people care about what benefit they can get if they tell the truth about many issues in life.

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This article will further discuss the central themes of and , most recent essays that I presented to the reader. The focus, this time, is on the current Ethiopian crisis, and as the title amply demonstrates we shall decidedly analyze political culture and the problem of power sharing. A macro analysis of political culture will be followed through in order to render a meaningful and critical examination of the big picture that, in turn, incorporates attitudes, psychological make-up (including the psychology of power), and power sharing