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Hello Liz!
I have given IELTS thrice . I have been able to score 8 in speaking , reading and listening. But, my score in writing has been 6.5 consistently. I have tried my best to give examples and improve vocabulary. I have analysed myself, could it be because of writing task 1 ? Because I did not make comparisons.
Please advice as it has become frustrating for me.

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The two men met for thelast time in November 1856: en route to the MediterraneanMelville stopped in Liverpool, where Hawthorne had been appointedAmerican Consul; the two spent several days together, whichHawthorne recorded in his journal as follows:"Herman Melvillecame to see me at the Consulate, looking much as he used to do (alittle paler, and perhaps a little sadder), in a rough outsidecoat, and with his characteristic gravity and reserve ofmanner....

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The initial abundance of warmth andfellowship had faded for reasons which can only be conjectured.

You have mentioned in the above comment, not to mention about oneself. To clarify, do you mean to say we should not use the real life examples while writing the IELTS essays.
I thought this was a better idea to correlate oneself’s real life experience when we are providing an example.

That’s right. You answer the question given to you.All the bestLiz

Lending money more on public services instead of spending any music and theatre would not be ever fruitful, and I believe authorities must invest in them.

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Tomorrow I will put this question up on facebook for all students to try and then on Thursday I’ll write a model background statement and post it on this blog. Thanks for sharing this question.

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(“The continued rise in the world’s population is the greatest problem faced by the humanity at the present time.”
What are the causes of this continued rise?
Do you agree that it is the greatest problem faced by humanity?)

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Hello Liz,
First of all, many thanks for this amazing website. I find it the best in aiding me with my IELTS test.
Secondly, I don’t think I understand the difference between Direct Essays and Cause-Solution ones. I mean, isn’t every Cause-Solution essay fundamentally a Direct one? ( and not vice versa of course)

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In conclusion, it always feels great to have a six digit bank account, but this will bring neither satisfaction nor joy to the life. In my opinion, we need to be more focused on being humans rather than our banks.

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Thirdly, religion can be a source of stability during the journey of life. when people face a bitter hardship, religion is this thing that bring them back on their feet. This spiritual relation works as the guardian guide, bringing peace which in turn brings happiness.