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On the one hand, seeing the contributions of women to our society, I felt privileged to be a woman.

By stretching this logic and applying it to the issue of human trafficking, it can be idealized as no more than a market-driven criminal industry that is based on the principles of exploitation, supply and demand (Why Trafficking Exists, Polaris Project). Although I have not been directly affected by Human Trafficking, in order to understand I always try to imagine myself or a family member or a friend as a victim. Somewhere in the world is a man who has lost a mother or a sister or a wife to the Human Trafficking industry; a man just like me. The issue has now become personal. People in countries striving for democracy who are suppressed by human trafficking need support; it’s a small world and we need to care. Criteria for Choice

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Women in their private family roles’ often are dominant towards the male members of the household.

One thing that does seem clear is that as the city-state of Rome evolved from its early days into a more complex society; women were not always limited to secondary roles.

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The following testimony is taken from the United States, Diplomacy in Action webpage and displays the horrifying experiences of two victims of Human Trafficking. Mauri, United States “only 16 years old when she was prostituted on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. For her, there was no escape; her pimp threatened to kill her family if she did not go out on the street at night. If Mauri tried to use some of the money to buy food, she was severely beaten. Mauri finally escaped and was picked up by law enforcement. She is now in a rehabilitation program and has reunited with her parents, but her road to recovery has been long and difficult. She suffers from terrible flashbacks and severe depression, and has even attempted suicide. Mauri says she was lucky to get out alive: “The longer you stay the less hope you have “Victims’ Stories.” Latulo, Uganda/Kenya

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Many of the principles of advocacy discussed here can be applied to all survivors of domestic violence, but this essay focuses on advocacy for the vast majority of these survivors— battered women.

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To abolitionists, the women involved are thought of as “prostituted women” who are abused under a patriarchal society of male domination and sexual exploitation.

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Barlow affirms that Medea has equal conditions as every women in Greek society, but she segregate herself from the labels that Greek society has for female behavior and everyday living.