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I am writing an essay on Women’s rights and violence against women. This has not only been helpful, but shows how many people disregard the importance women hold. We are part of the key ingredients to survival, so why do men feel that it is okay to abuse us? We are just as powerful as men and those who are in those types of situations need to be able to stand up for themselves. To understand that it isn’t normal and that if something isn’t being done for themselves, they need to be able to do something about it. To stand up for what is right and what is fair. There are plenty famous women in history, such as Anne Frank and Marie Curie, who have done remarkable things! Who knows who the next remarkable person is! So to suppress woman is to deny our world of hope and possibility!

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We work to end violence against women by spreading awareness about the impact of domestic violence, advocating to affect public policies, and providing educational resources and programs like the to give survivors the opportunity to achieve financial independence.

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Most authorities suggest that domestic violence is typically expressed in violence against women and children.

The gendered nature of domestic violence has unfortunately also seen an increase in the number of women being murdered by their intimate male partners. Lack of statistical information on this form of killing makes it very hard to measure the extent of the scourge but newspaper reports on this issue, leave little to one’s imagination. These killings demonstrate the culture of male violence against women and sexism that still pervades our society. Women have fought and succeeded in getting many basic rights yet in the private sphere of their homes, the inequality between men and women is still a battleground.