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Even those who never previously suffered from an irrational fear of heights may develop acrophobia as they grow older. The stated that the fear of heights worsens with age; as a person grows older, so does his or her .

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Environmental factors, which may play a part in the development of phobias, include negative experiences related to the phobia – or traumatic experiences – especially those which a person feels are out of his control. Acrophobia, for example, may be brought about in an adult who fell off a ladder as a child, thus resulting in a fear of heights.

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No Fear: I am Bigger than my Fear of Heights

With and suffering from a fear of heights, people may find themselves so burdened by this , where the simplest of tasks, such as climbing a ladder to change a light bulb, seem impossible to complete. Consequently, any form of high ground such as skyscrapers, ski-lifts, escalators, diving boards or roller coasters would send people suffering from acrophobia reeling and experiencing typical symptoms associated with an extreme fear of heights including dizziness, shaking, shortness of breath, hyperventilation and panic attacks. Nevertheless, there are different levels of acrophobia, where a person may be afraid of jumping off a diving board, yet feel safe on a plane, or jump off a diving board with no issues and be terrified of flying.

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Having a fear of heights can hinder a person’s ability to live normally. Using escalators in a mall can be a terrifying experience for some people, while others would not be able to enjoy certain rides at the amusement park with their children. As a result, those struggling with a fear of heights with a very high level of difficulty, are recommended to attend different types and combinations of therapy sessions, combined with medication to help them cope with or overcome their acrophobia.

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spoke of an experimental event, that took place in the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, which combined NPL along with hypnosis. The NPL and hypnotherapy worked on finding the memories making up the root cause for the fear of heights. The mass therapy also included the use of emotional freedom technique (EFT), a “psychological form of acupuncture” which involves the tapping of certain parts of the body to get rid of the negative emotions.

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Negative thoughts people with a fear of heights have while on the edge of a high structure have include fearing that someone will push them off the edge, or them feeling they would be tempted to jump. People suffering from acrophobia also worry about having a heart attack and as a result, falling of the edge or that the structure they are on is weak and may collapse or crash.

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The fear of deep water when he has to keep trying to overcome what I label as a fear of intimacy while I giving myself permission to accept my fear of heights.