'Before The Moon Falls' - (1979)

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'Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-Wain - (1996)

Every song by the Fall somehow sounds like a demo tape or a B-side; too much polish means you're trying to hide something. Part of the band's quintessential charm was their directness, and this song—with its talk of sharpening knives in the bathroom and no one fucking with you again-- has always struck me as sort of kick in the face. It doesn't underscore Mark E. Smith's unique talent for oratorical mayhem, there are very few words here, but the simplicity of these ones, delivered as only Smith can, have always haunted me: "Offer! Offer! It was not an unreasonable off-ah- ah!"

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It's a shit hot lyric, too. The song's narrator is grousing on the torture of notoriety, usually the dumbest subject matter for a song, but somehow MES tackling the subject like a beer-battered, free-associating Ray Davies makes the whole thing sympathetic. If you were nominally famous, would you want to suffer the fools who'd demand a piece of your selfie-sucked soul every time you went out for a curry? Certainly not.


There's a theory that your first Fall record is always your favourite. I bought on cassette tape from Woolworths in Withernsea. The lyrics of this song show Mark at his acerbic best 'vimto and spangles were always crap / regardless of the look-back bores.' Of course, he had a point about Britpop there. I watched them play a year after and it was the worst gig I've ever seen. Mark was shit-faced, staggered around the stage in a Christmas jumper, and was like your embarrassing uncle doing a turn after twenty pints. I didn't let that put me off and have remained a fan ever since.

'Dedication Not Medication' - (2015)

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