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Students are encouraged to write essays about their experiences with bullying. This is an attempt to raise awareness about this issue, as well as what it was actually like for them to be a victim. By raising awareness through these student writings, it is hoped fewer incidents will occur. By reporting through essays awareness is further increased through additional students, teachers, other victims, bystanders, and other witnesses who read them. The essays are meant to inspire a proactive stance against bullying.

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Our services include school programs, conferences, workshops, consultation, and research, in the area of bullying prevention, cyberbullying education and prevention, and violence prevention.

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23/03/2015 · Cyberbullying A Social Problem Education Essay
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. Students are typically assigned these essays in a classroom environment, so they can receive guidance if they are struggling with how to fully embrace this topic and write about it thoroughly. One way in which they can respond to this topic is by covering the fact that bystanders should not simply witness bullying, they should step in and stop what is going on. While this is not an easy thing to do, it is also not any easy thing to write about. Neither should be handled lightly.