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i think the writer made it clear that there is no single cause to crime and besides the article seems to highlight the historical contribution as to why there is disrespect for law in South Africa, in your closing remarks though you basically concur with the whole article.

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Nevertheless, there is a consensus among both law enforcement personneland computer scientists who specialize in security that the number of computer crime incidents the sophisticationof computer criminals is increasing rapidly.

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There is that following these suggestions will preventone from being a victim of computer crime, but at least one can make ita little harder for a criminal,and maybe the criminal will find an easier target.

This essay contains only my personal opinions on the general problemof computer security,and is intended as advice on your specific problem.

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It should come as no surprise that violent crime remains disturbingly high in South Africa. What is surprising is that there isn’t even more crime and violence, considering how we have dealt with our violent past, that we have increasing poverty and inequality, and have failed as a country to secure confidence in and respect for the rule of law.

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We have to look back to our recent history to understand the context for crime and violence in South Africa, and in particular, South Africans’ attitudes to the law, policing and the criminal justice system.

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There is a remedy for the sort of condition we see here. The world never finds it out,or when it does find it out it does not enforce it. You may pass a law punishing everyperson with death for burglary, and it will make no difference. Men will commit it justthe same. In England there was a time when one hundred different offenses were punishablewith death, and it made no difference. The English people strangely found out that so fastas they repealed the severe penalties and so fast as they did away with punishing men bydeath, crime decreased instead of increased; that the smaller the penalty the fewer thecrimes.

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There is a bill before the legislature of this State to punish kidnapping of childrenwith death. We have wise members of the legislature. They know the gas trust when they seeit and they always see it — they can furnish light enough to be seen, and thislegislature thinks it is going to stop kidnapping of children by making a law punishingkidnapers of children with death. I don’t believe in kidnapping children, but thelegislature is all wrong. Kidnapping children is not a crime, it is a profession. It hasbeen developed with the times. It has been developed with our modern industrialconditions. There are many ways of making money — many new ways that our ancestorsknew nothing about. Our ancestors knew nothing about a billion dollar trust; and herecomes some poor fellow who has no other trade and he discovers the profession ofkidnapping children.