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In the concise Criterion Collection about the Cinema Verité style of filmmaking, borrowing from the look of documentary films, Thomas Beard writes:

the start that I am way out on the fringe of documentary filmmaking; ..

AB - This essay focuses on UK-based Swedish filmmaker Mai Zetterling's made-for-television documentary Of Seals and Men (1979). Zetterling is known internationally as an art-film auteur, and this examination seeks to broaden her stature in the context of the UK and Europe-based cinefeminsim movements of the 1970s. The authors argue that Of Seals and Men constitutes a significant and overlooked artifact in the history of colonial Greenlandic-Danish relations, as it focuses on the controversy of the Greenlandic seal hunt and was financed as a propaganda vehicle by the Danish government and the Greenland Trade Department. The article draws on extensive archival research and references Zetterling's production notebooks and correspondence as well as official communication by the Royal Greenland Trade Department.

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He shot his first professional industrial film in the cotton mill town of Opelika, Alabama, with 35mm Arriflex, the first reflex camera of that time. By 1947, he was also working as a freelance assistant cameraman on industrial, educational and other films. Wexler’s work on mostly low-budget short films and documentaries, including the Academy Award-nominated Living City (1955), paved the way for his filmmaking style, which was to use the camera to document what was seen through the lens.