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It is important to me to provide a classroom environment that encourages and promotes success in writing for English language learners. Spending time with these students led me to wonder what types of strategies should be used to help English language learners improve and grow in their writing.

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When I started my research, I had a number of questions in mind such as:

As I began my research I learned that many of the writing strategies that are used for beginning writers in primary grades are also appropriate for older writers who are beginning English language learners. I also learned about the importance and ways to facilitate meaningful writing with English learners.

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These standards shall be comparable in rigor and specificity to the standards for English language arts adopted.
Important communication to assist local educational agencies in providing appropriate services and programs for English learners.

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In this excerpt from Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners: Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice (, 2010), Wayne Wright summarizes the landmark U.S. court cases that have had significant implications for ELLs. In particular, Wright focuses on cases relating to segregation, the right of communities to teach their native languages to children, and the linguistic and education needs of ELLs.

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This Colorín Colorado webcast features Dr. Nonie Lesaux, and addresses the challenges facing English language learners — and their teachers — in grades 4-6.