How Can Living Abroad Make You A Better Person?

With limited resources and an increase in short term assignees, the Living Abroad International Business Traveler website is an important tool we provide our assignees. It provides information they can use preparing for their assignment as while as on the ground information. All employees can benefit from the valuable information Living Abroad provides.

Personal Essay: “My first trip abroad – Where I may or …

Established in 1987, Living Abroad is still the #1 provider of detailed, relevant, easy-to-read, reports for global employees and their families with over 190 destinations that no other company can match.

Information and inspiration since 1977.

We are honored by your interest in the Living Abroad services. Please let us know how we may help you reach your goals.

By aggregating hard-to-find information and insights that can’t be sourced elsewhere, Living Abroad saves assignees and their families countless hours of unproductive frustration. It’s no stretch to say this would be employee time better spent contributing to the bottom line or other key performance indicators.