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Their parents are very strict when it come to letting their
children socialise, this is because of Mr and Mrs Birling being
prejudice towards the lower classes, for example, "You admit being
prejudiced towards her case?" asks the Inspector to Mrs Birling when
he questioned her about when she refused to let Eva have any help, Mr
and Mrs Birling do not like to be associated with the working class
and so they try and ignore the fact that their children like to go out
even if they come across people from the working class, which they
obviously would've done.

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When asked who should have the blame for the Eva's suicide, Mrs Birling answers that the drunken young idler should be entirely responsible and should be dealt with very severely.

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Mr Birling is getting rather excited with this possibility, where asMrs Birling acts as if she has known all along.

The Birlings are an upper class family with a high social position
which can be seen by the fact that Mrs Birling doesn’t have to work
and they have servants and maids to do house work for them.

The play “An Inspector Calls” written by J.B Priestley is set in 1912

Authorial Intent Priestley conveys Mrs Birling as a character who only cares about herself and has no true emotion for anyone else, not even her family.

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This could suggest that that Birling has worked for his money and hasn’t got the whole idea of being ‘image conscious’ as he wasn’t bought up like Mrs Birling was.

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Act 1 English Language-An Inspector Calls Act 2 Act 3 Description
Class Mrs Birling’s description in the stage directions defines her character.

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Ignorance Mrs Birling's ignorance is displayed on p32, in reference to Eric's drink problem:
"It isn't true." And again, on p35, in reference to the notorious behaviour of Alderman Joe Meggarty, even when it seems to be common knowledge: MRS B.

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Authorial Intent Responsibility Mrs Birling does not feel responsible for Eva Smith's suicide It is Mrs Birling's injured pride and offended sensibilities, through the 'impertinent' misuse of the Birling name by the now pregnant Eva, that provokes her vindictive decision to persuade, using her influence, the other members of her 'charitable' group to refuse Eva assistance.

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Mrs Birling who to start off with was very
confidant when speaking with the inspector should collapse into a
chair, and look as shocked as possible.