Child Labor is not an isolated problem.

“The term ‘child labor’ is defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity and that is harmful to physical and mental development” (What is Child Labor ).

Child labor is social problem with the rise of industrial production and capitalism.

As described in a newspaper clipping, “She called attention to the fact that in our absorption in our efforts to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, we are oblivious to the presence of the cash child, whose young life is a sacrifice to our indifference.” Adolescence is the beginning of many positive changes for individuals, and allowing children more time to develop would lead to far greater benefits than those provided by underpaid child labor....

Child labor is and has always been a difficult problem to address.

Child labor is often used in societies where industries are being developed.

According to the Microsoft Encarta, child labor is now used to denote the employment of minors in work that may interfere with their education or endanger their health (IPEC, 1).

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In any case, child labor should be eradicated as it is harmful to the health of the children, it is an obstacle to their education, and it denies them a happy childhood....

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Whether an individual is in favor or against child labor the fact is that child labor affects everyone, because child labor affects the global economy.

This essay is focused on causes and consequences of child labor ..

The problems associated with child labor have always been a part of life but thanks to Globalization, everyone is now more aware of the child labor issues that exist.

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Consider for a moment the way most of us in our society are lucky enough to be sitting in a warm, safe, clean office or classroom each day, surrounded by all the material things we take for granted. Then consider the 200 million children around the globe who have barely enough money for survival, that have been made to enter the workforce simply to keep their families alive. While they work in extremely unhealthy and unsafe conditions, in jobs not fit at all for little children, our kind of life isn’t an option for them. Dream large is not what they’re told. They are just focused on surviving in the appalling conditions they live in. This is not just a few, but more than 200 million children we are talking about, some barely four years old, who don’t have the basic rights that children should have. So I think it’s time, firstly, that we were made more aware of what suffering is actually out there because of child labour, and secondly, I think it’s time our government took on more responsibility in providing aid to these disadvantaged countries, so these children can live their lives just as you and I are trying to live ours.

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A big cause of child labor was the big business owners needed people to work in their factories; they chose children because of their relatively low level of education, lack of knowledge of their human rights, and accepted low pay.