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Recess is also a time for children to escape racial barriers that often exist. Outside of school, a young child spends time with whomever his or her parents set up “play-dates” with, meaning it is more the parent’s choice than the child’s. Without a public school setting, many children would not get the opportunity to socialize with kids of other races, socio-economic statuses, or ethnicities. By putting a varied group of kids together with the same common goal of having fun and running around, students are much more likely to interact with whoever shares the same interests, not with whoever has the same skin color.

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Recess is the best time of day for most elementary school students because they are running around and having fun with friends; however, they often do not realize the true benefits coming from the learning break. A half hour of unstructured play leads to healthier lives caused by physical changes in a child’s DNA, to improved social skills with peers, and to an increased attention span and memory while learning. With the increasing push for schools to get higher test scores, recess is on decline, but the superintendents need to begin to look at the basics-- starting with recess. Since recess breaks help students to focus and process information while in the classroom, it is therefore seen that recess leads to these desired better grades all on its own.

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Robert Murray has said that although recess alone will not solve the obesity epidemic in our nation, it surely will help to decrease the likelihood. With just 60 minutes of physical activity in a day, a child’s chances of becoming obese decrease significantly (Jaslow). Physical activity in schools should not mean structured time of games and sports, such as what occurs in gym class, but should be a free time for the children to run around (“National…”). If a child starts to enjoy being active outside at a young age, physical activity will become a hobby rather than a chore. At six years old, a child does not think of running laps around a playground while playing tag as “exercise;” however, if this mindset is able to stick as he or she grows older, children will be more inclined to be active by their own choice.