Essay on road safety and my responsibility song

The key elements of RSS 2015 are as follows: a downward directional trend in fatality and serious injury rates will be achieved over the 2011 to 2015 period; jurisdictions will adopt a holistic (Safer System) approach addressing the vehicle, the road infrastructure, and road users based on the primary risk groups and key contributing factors identified below; an evidence-based Best Practice Framework will be adopted in choosing interventions; a fluid and flexible approach will allow jurisdictions to adopt best practices appropriate to their situation; and jurisdictions will own their road safety plans.

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Ward et al. argue that “it is not enough to focus just on the traffic safety culture of the driving population. It is also necessary to consider the culture of those agencies that propose and enforce traffic safety policy that can impact the driving population; the culture of governments that allocate resources to various traffic initiatives that may hinder or foster risk; the culture of communities that encourage or discourage risk-taking; and the culture of societies as they endorse or condemn risky driving”. Can we change the road safety culture in Canada?

Essay on road safety and my responsibility song

Essay on road safety and my responsibility song

CCMTA, in partnership with the Canadian Global Road Safety Committee, has recently launched the Leave the Phone Alone pledge campaign at: . The aim of the campaign is to get drivers to pledge that they will not use their cell phones while driving. Insurance companies could offer discounts to drivers who make the pledge.

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The RSS 2015 slogan is "Rethink Road Safety," which represents a call to action for all road safety stakeholders. The logo for the campaign is presented below:

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The UN General Assembly passed a resolution in March 2010 to establish the Decade of Action for Road Safety led by the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to “stabilize and then reduce the forecasted level of road traffic fatalities around the world by increasing activities conducted at national, regional and global levels.” The principles guiding the Decade of Action are to adopt a “Safe System Approach” to deal with traffic collisions, have ownership for activities at the national and local level, and to include governments, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations.

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The suggested national activities during the Decade of Action include setting ambitious road safety targets, strengthening global architecture addressing road safety, increasing technical capacity in road safety within countries, providing technical support to low and middle income countries, improving the quality of data at national and global levels, and monitoring progress on performance indicators. The basic pillars for these national activities are road safety management, safer road design, vehicles and road users, and post-crash care.

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