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Through its instant burning of calories, almost-instant altering of metabolisms, and future habit formation, recess is the one time in a school day where a child can benefit physically rather than just mentally. If recess were to be removed from the school schedule, students would lose the opportunity to make positive, life-long physical changes in their bodies.

Social Benefits

Elementary school, like any other school, is centered on learning—learning to read, to write and to do math. However, in recent years, our schools have seemed to forget that elementary school also needs to be based around learning to interact with peers while learning how to form and maintain relationships.

Persuasive Essay; Recess In Schools; John Barton's ..

For these students, recess is even more important because their attention span can simply not match up with that of a student without ADHD. In order for a student to learn better, he or she needs mental breaks throughout the day to improve cognitive processing, attention, and memory. With the increasing information connecting physical activity to these academic achievements, it only makes sense to increase the amount of recess time in elementary schools.

Descriptive essay on recess time at school

The boys belonging to middle class families eat some cheap things, which they buy from the hawkers, who reach school by the time of recess period.

Pictured are Abney Elementary students' Christopher Baker, Troy Joseph, Christian Braxton, Richard Riveria, Jaylun Robinson who recently spent their recess time picking up trash around school. A wonderful example of a Random Act of Kindness. The students are from Mrs. Rebecca McCann's and Mrs. Christy Newell's 3rd grade class.