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Can I suggest something because what you’re going through is worth it and I’ve heard it from other women like you? Live the journey for 4 years, watch amazing stuff happen, live another 13 years and really watch unbelievable stuff be created before you and I promise you’ll see your life RICH with meaning and deeply colored with unimaginable LOVE. Love you never thought existed. Love you could never imagine is so amazing it’s worth the HOSTILE struggle.

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Your tutorials are really good. I want to thank you creating such a nice and informative site for IELTS.
Liz, in many of the writing essay questions we see a statement saying “include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience” . But in most of the band8/band9 answers i never see real life example. kindly Explain what do we have to do when “relevant examples from knowledge ” have been asked for

Thanks u a lot for all these topic these are very nice for ASL

I want an essay about types of corruption in india?

Therefore, I personally believe that candidate having a pleasing personality and good manner may have high chance of selection while applying for job. Hence, people should separate some time and make some efforts to develop their personality more presentable along with completing the university degree and developing soft skill and gaining some work experience.

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It is true. All of it. Being a mother is both the best of life and the absolute worst of life, and you have captured that sentiment quite perfectly.

I want an essay on “A rumour spread I. Our neighbourhood “

To that, in lifes beautiful twisted dealings, I’ve still found a way to embrace the journey, see and hear amazing moments I could never imagine happen with my kids, love my work, continue to search and work at matching with and marrying a great woman.

“A rumour spread in our neighbourhood “

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Could I mention the points which I want to say next in the topic sentences.
Or I just need to paragraph the question “Some think that…..” in topic senteces, then I write my pionts.(Firstly,.. Secondly,…)

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I live by this statement I created, after many harsh experiences I’ve gone through (loss of friend, son wanting to commit suicide, brother with two young kids and a wife breaking his neck and becoming a quadriplegic, divorce, extracting a beautiful woman from my house who I thought I was going to marry until I realized I couldn’t get her opiate addiction and lack of coping mechanisms caused by horrible people in her life fixed and my wife at the time who was hospitalized in a psych ward for a week due to severe post partum unhinged from untreatable angry, severe angry anxiety) and have witnessed people going through (a friend losing both his parents in 6 month span, a friend who’s husband retired from the army and died from a fall while trimming trees leaving her an 8 y.o. son and 13 year daughter).

Tolstoy’s wife wrote in her journal:

A topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph. The role of the topic sentence is to explain the content of the body paragraph. All following sentences support and explain the topic sentence. Linking words should be used flexibly. Think about getting my advanced writing task 2 lessons because they will explain everything in great detail, step by step: