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(AP Photo/Jacques Langevin)

In this late April 1988 photo, Soviet soldiers prepare to change their position while fighting Islamic guerrillas at undisclosed location in Afghanistan.

(AP Photo/Estate of Alexander Sekretarev)Soviet troops on the move in Afghanistan, mid-1980s.

(Daniel Janin/AFP/***** Images)

A Red Army soldier atop of his armored personal vehicle smiles as Soviet Army troops stop in Kabul prior to their withdrawal from Afghanistan, on May 16, 1988.

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Statues depicting the victims of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on display in the Jihad Museum in Herat on August O AMM Connect

24, 1989.

A low-flying Afghan helicopter gunship in snow-capped valley along Salang highway provides cover for a Soviet convoy sending food and fuel to Kabul, Afghanistan, on January 30, 1989.