Why video games are indeed Art by Michael Mirasol

I think video games can be considered works of art. A great video game examples are Final Fantasy 10, 10-2, 12, 13, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, The Kingdom Heart series. The art in these video games are expressed through the Architecture of the buildings, the design of the monsters/foes, the designs of the vehicles, weapons, and the designs of the clothes and the features of the characters.

Have we now arrived at a point where we can accept video games as a new artistic medium?

This new enjoyment of a game with a more persuasive world is an artistic experience. The rules and gameplay mechanics may not have changed in a significant way, but the experience of being in a persuasive, strange and exciting world is still enjoyable to many players. Videogame players are able play in a different world and to experience all the things associated with that world. Is this a play experience, or an art experience? It is both, and these games are intentionally designed to be both play and art for the sake of being enjoyable.

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Ebert is a debbie downer. The other day, he was complaining about 3D TV, now video games. He just needs to constantly put his name out there for any reason that he can. Video Games, just like novels, music, movies, plays, etc. are something that entertain people and just because Ebert feels that there hasn’t been a game worthy of such merit doesn’t mean that it will not exist. Furthermore, I’m sure the first set of musicians, writers, oral storytellers, actors, etc. weren’t incredibly artistic throughout their first 25 years of existence.

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Videogames, particularly major AAA market releases, are going to become progressively more artistic because it is now possible, and because there is an audience for artistic games. Improvements in technology and a widening audience for videogames have recently made it possible to make games artistic. What’s more, these artistically advanced games are popular. So naturally, now that it is possible to sell games based on artistic quality as well as the quality and originality of gameplay, someone will always be trying to do it.

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Still, the question we are trying to resolve is not “Can play be art?” but rather, “Can videogames be art?” So far this essay has only examined play in its rudimentary state; videogames are different. It makes sense, then, to turn to how games, specifically videogames, evolved from rudimentary play, so that we can say whether or not videogames can be art.

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A new book by Tom Bissell, in last Sunday’s Book Review, makes the claim that the best video games are as engaging as good literature, and are, on their own, “ambitious works of narrative fiction.” Do you agree? Do you think there will someday be video games that can be compared to the best works of literature, film, music and art?

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Playing a work of art; that is, inhabiting an artistic world and actually interacting with it is a relatively new idea. Because this is such a new idea, we cannot use old methods to study it. By this I mean that as a film critic, Roger Ebert is not qualified to speak on the artfulness of videogames. On their own, film criticism, literary criticism, and music criticism aren't really enough to explain or critique videogames. The technical or professional study of games has existed for some time now. Programming, sound design, and game mechanics are courses of study at various colleges and universities. But if games can be art, then they need to be studied from an artistic perspective. Only then can we truly understand videogames for whatt they are, and how they can be made artistically richer.