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You must follow the instructions. If the instructions ask for the solutions only and you write about causes, then half your essay is irrelevant and you will get a lower score.

I was practising general IELTS writing task 2. I wrote an essay for below topic.

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I have recently got the results of my IELTS test and I’m very happy about it. In the past, my problem was with writing task 1 & 2. Your suggestions and model essays & reports helped a lot. Indeed, my writing score increased from 6.5 to 8. I’m now ready to obtain a permanent Australian VISA and to live my dream. Thanks for your time and all the free and high-quality material that you have prepared and shared with us. I’m very grateful for your effort and work.
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Corporal punishment has another advantage. Many teachers are concerned that assigning extra work or requiring community service ought not to be used as punishments. This is because work and community service are seen by teachers as being good in themselves. While a child might not want to perform these activities, and so requiring them would be to inflict a hardship, one would be reinforcing the child's resistance to these practices. Not only would the child continue to dislike working or helping in the community, but he would come to associate these activities with punishment. This is why some teachers, when punishing children, prefer to require activities like detention or writing lines that are not good in themselves and are unpleasant. In this regard, corporal punishment is like these latter activities. It differs from these others in the intensity of its unpleasantness. This consideration reinforces the argument that corporal punishment occupies an important place in the scale of punishments. It becomes a significant substitute for something like community service.

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I have been following all the IELTS content available on your website. And I must say I have made fair improvements in my writing section, compared to when I had started. Thank you for all the detailed explanation you provide in your videos. However, I come across few queries,every now and then, and not sure how valid would they be if I include them in my writing task-2.
Such as
1. Is it fine to complete the introduction paragraph by saying ‘This essay will elucidate…..’.
2. When essay says ‘ Include your personal experiences, if any.’ Is it necessary to include them or it’s ok to refrain from including them.

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I an preparing for the general training. i am curious about writing part 2. i observed that the questions mostly asked are “do you agree or disagree” questions. does it mean that i can narrow my scope of my practice to this? and does part 2 academic have essays specific for them and general with essays unique to them? thanks alol