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With globalization, mahout culture is going the way of other old traditions. It is less of a family business, the training is more slapdash, and many of the men who would make the most affectionate and dedicated elephant companions find, understandably, that they have better opportunities elsewhere. As Stephen Alter writes in (2004), this leaves the kind of men who have few other options, but who for the same underlying reasons may not be a good fit with elephants at all. The result is neglect, misunderstanding, conflict and abuse, and bitter frustration on both sides, feeding on itself for more of the same. But the demand for service and show elephants is only going up, and has to take care of them.

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Of the many types of elephants and mammoths that used to roam the earth, one born today will belong to one of three surviving species: in Asia, (savanna elephant) or (forest elephant) in Africa. There are about 500,000 African elephants alive now (about a third of them the more reticent, less studied ), and only 40,000 – 50,000 Asian elephants remaining. The Swedish currently lists just under 5,000 (most of them ) living in captivity worldwide, in half as many locations — meaning that the average number of elephants per holding is less than two; many of them live without a single companion of their kind.

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Denying the obvious is a bad way to go about promoting causes, even (or especially) very good ones. And the emphasis on human exceptionalism — as Smith asks, “What other species builds civilizations, records history, creates art, makes music, thinks abstractly, communicates in language, envisions and fabricates machinery, improves life through science and engineering, or explores the deeper truths found in philosophy and religion?” — in a vein that “a misconceived, panic-stricken desire to preserve human dignity by distancing man from the animals,” somewhat misses the point.

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So what does animal welfare entail? One approach is outlined in (2002), Matthew Scully’s rigorous critique of various industrial and sporting practices based on known evidence of animal sentience and emotion — a straightforward if gruesome argument not that we are offending our equals but that we are failing our dependents.

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The College of New Rochelle, founded in 1904, is today comprised of four schools and six locations in Westchester and the NYC metropolitan area, serving a diverse population of 3,500 women and men in undergraduate and graduate programs of study. The main campus of the College is located on a beautiful suburban setting in New Rochelle, 16 miles north of midtown Manhattan and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. The College offers a competitive salary and benefits include health insurance, a retirement plan with TIAA-CREF, a state-of-the-art Wellness Center, liberal vacation, and tuition remission.

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Ingrid Newkirk does not claim that rats and pigs can make machinery or ponder metaphysics, but that they feel emotions, and that taking those into account, we should not degrade or harm animals in the ways that matter to them — not by being denied suffrage, say, but by being bored or scared or separated from their families. Their worth need not be pegged relative to anybody else’s to acknowledge this.