1592-94. written in this time.

is performed by the newly named King’s Men before King James at Wilton. Acting-wise, Shakespeare is recorded as performing in Ben Jonson’s , Shakespeare’s last recorded acting performance.

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1598. William is thought to have written the play and Shakespeare’s reputation as an actor is confirmed his performance in Ben Jonson’s which clearly lists his name as a principal actor in the London play.

1594-1596. is assumed to have been written.

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There are some nice touches throughout the production; the wrestling scene between Orlando and Charles is brilliantly choreographed, with the latter in full Giant Haystacks regalia, while the cocktail waitresses dressed in Playboy Bunny costumes evoke the debauchery of Duke Frederick’s court. The modern costume design works well; it’s even possible to spot the odd PJ Harvey T-shirt amongst the ensemble.

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1596. is thought to have been written. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men lose their original patron, Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon and Lord Chamberlain to be replaced by his brother George Carey, Second Lord Hunsdon, who succeeds his late brother.

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1597. Shakespeare buys the New Place, one of Stratford’s most preeminent homes. This fuels speculation today by some academics that William was really a successful businessman and not literature’s celebrated playwright.

1609-1610. Cymbeline is thought to have been composed.

1595. A busy year for Shakespeare as he is thought to have composed performed that very same year,, thought to be composed for a wedding and the greatest love story of all time,

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1603. is performed at Hampton Court before Queen Elizabeth who dies later that year. James I originally James VI of Scotland proves to be an enthusiastic patron of the arts granting a patent to perform. In return the Company renames itself to honour James I and they quickly become a favorite with the new king.

1610-1611. The Winter’s Tale is written.

1594. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, a theatre troupe including distinguished actor Richard Burbage and comic Will Kemp performs with Shakespeare in their group.