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The ancient Greek theater demonstrated historical events and poems in the form of plays like in The Cyclops and performed them for the audience’s entertainment and awareness.

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Christidis, Anastasios-Phoivos, ed. 2007. A history of Ancient Greek: From the beginnings to Late Antiquity. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Univ. Press.

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Overviews and histories of Greek began to be written in the 19th century. These were superseded by the classic treatment of , which is still an indispensable starting point for advanced students (it contains an annotated bibliography of earlier work). It was written, of course, before the decipherment of Mycenaean Greek. is a clear and useful overview for beginners, marred by occasional dogmatic treatment of issues that are uncertain or controversial (Palmer often follows Meillet and is therefore out of date in some important respects). The tendency from around the turn of the 21st century has been for multi author works. These are useful in providing a wider range of perspectives than a monograph, including occasional contradictory views. , at around 1,600 pages, contains the broadest range of essays, including interesting sections on Greek in contact with other languages, and the later fortunes of the language (cultural impact, reception, etc.). Essays on the core linguistic issues vary wildly in quality, however, since not all contributors are equally reliable authorities. is far more consistent and reliable in this regard and is suitable both for graduate students and general readers looking for an up-to-date introduction to a particular topic. Most overviews concentrate on the language in the Bronze Age and the Classical period, and multiauthor works can fail to give a sense of the organic development of the language; the excellent is to be recommended as an exception. This is a nuanced account of the history of the language that concentrates on the post-Classical, Byzantine, and modern language, and that ties the linguistic development to the sociohistorical and cultural context. is intended as an introduction to the history of the language for university-level students.