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You should not look for a guru unless you are seeking liberation (moksha) or have a serious aspiration for it. A guru is not a replacement for a shrink or a life coach. You will not go to him because you have problems in your life and you want him to use his powers to resolve them for you. You should not seek his help because you are bored with your life and looking for some excitement. A guru may do all this on his own, but it is not why people should seek a guru. Spiritual practice is a serious endeavor. It demands a certain state of mind and uncompromising discipline. Unless you are serious about it, you should remain confined to worldly activities, pursuing the other three aims: religious duty (dharma), wealth (artha) and worldly pleasures (kama).

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When you seek a guru, examine your own intentions and try to be honest with yourself. There is nothing wrong with seeking your guru's help to resolve some personal problems in your life. People do it all the time. But it should not be the only reason why one should go to him. A guru is a dispeller of illusions, not their perpetuator. He may help you in resolving some worldly matters, not because he wants you to remain this worldly but because he knows that his involvement is part of the divine plan and it is critical to your life and further progress on the path. If you are not serious about your spiritual life, you will eventually become disappointed with your guru and leave him or go to another master to repeat the same story. We often hear stories about people, who turn against their own gurus and become their bitter enemies and the worst critics. It happens because either the gurus are dishonest or their disciples are deluded.

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