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Many of thetroops at Brundisium joined his cause, and as he moved toward Rome hisretinue grew in size, especially from among the ranks of veterans settledby Caesar in Italian colonies.

As preparations for war gearedup in the summer of 32 BC, a remarkable thing happened.

His positionat the head of affairs therefore needed careful consideration, and thisno doubt explains the eighteen-month gap between his return to Rome inAugust 29 BC and the so-called First Constitutional Settlement of 13 January,27 BC which, with the broadest of brush strokes, began painting the portraitof the new order.

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At a meeting off thecoast at Misenum or Puteoli, an agreement was reached (the

Examples from The Canterbury Tales include Chaucer's depiction of the Monk and Prioress in "The General Prologue" and the content of "The Summoner's Tale."

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Themore convincing case is on the side of the "retroactive" view: see theexcellent summary in Benario, "Octavian's Status." See also Bleicken, , 65-82; id.,, 269-70; W.

Mar 6, 1788: Brutus XIV (Part 2) (New York)

The inscription remains the only first-person summary of any Romanemperor's political career and, as such, offers invaluable insights intothe Augustan regime's public presentation of itself.

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Hamilton struck back within two weeks of the first appearance of Seabury’s essays in Rivington’s and his rejoinder was far more polished and more than twice the length of his maiden effort. printed by Rivington as a tract, appeared on February 23, 1775.