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I was so impressed by the Telenor display that I found an executive from the firm who was willing to provide me the text as a DOC file. If this would be useful for research or historic purposes, I would be happy to share it with Professor Rettberg. It is approximately 12 pages long. The only “downside” is that it is totally in UPPERCASE, as one might expect from the source file for the electronic display. I do not know if the actual running text is randomized; this is grouped by subject matter.

An anthropologist who studies medical and other craft practices

The PPE is a three-hour, closed-book exam on ethics, professional practice, engineering law and professional liability. Eligible applicants may write the PPE at any time (within the time frame provided by PEO) as they acquire 48 months of required for licensure. To reduce the time to licensure, applicants are encouraged to write the PPE early in the time frame provided by PEO.

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2017-12-26 · My guest this week is Chris Dixon, who has written some of my favorite essays on technology and venture investing

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