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Once again democracy took low priority. EPRDF plunged Ethiopia into another predicament and confusion. Divide and rule emerged as the standard operating procedure of the government. The campaign to demonize Ethiopia became customary. Those who called themselves Ethiopians ended up being called Mengistu supporters, neftegnas, feudal, right-wing fanatics and backward. The new leadership under TPLF labeled themselves as revolutionary, reformist, progressive, dynamic, intelligent, and forward thinking. In many ways those in the left who pride themselves in being smart and clever are the ones who are shallow, pretentious, egotistical, and fake intellectuals. The left’s instinct and impulse is always towards totalitarianism and dictatorship. Gunned to our head Ethiopians under the present government are forced to pledge allegiance to ethnicity rather than being an Ethiopian. Revolutionary democracy has created a climate of corruption, shady dealings, and shameless disloyalty among the people. Trust and friendship, virtue and integrity has become unfashionable and obsolete. Being identified as Habesha, Oromo, Amhara, Tigre etc. has become more acceptable than being Ethiopian. Ethiopiawinet has become a disgraceful word.

Some of these leaders were clearly the aggressors, while others led the war against aggression.

After the war the young Pahlavi became a very corrupt king who spent the endless richness of Irani oil, until he was removed in 1979 by a popular uprising led by religious fundamentalists, which replaced Pahlavi's corrupt and oppressive dictatorship with a much worse new type of highly oppressive and aggressive Islamic-totalitarian dictatorship which lost its initial popular support and made the formerly peaceful Iran one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

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The few warning voices within the French military, like that of Colonel Charles De Gaulle, were suppressed and dismissed until it was too late.

What can be achieved by an Africa United was demonstrated by the Battle of Adwa. Ethiopia as a country was divided, as many ethnic groupings swore allegiance to their own chiefs (or Ras). When things came to a head, Emperor Menelik was able to convince all of them to put aside their differences and contribute 100,000 troops to face down the invaders. Prominent amongst them was Ras Mikael of Wollo, Ras Sibhat of Tigray, Ras Wale of Yejju Oromo, and Ras Gebeyehu, who died fighting at Adwa. Empress Betul was the commander of a cavalry.

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Awareness of the looming danger and of the unique opportunity to put an end to a hideous dictatorial and divisive rule should give opposition leaders the courage to come out in favor of unity and solidarity. Oromo political leaders and activists, including those of the OLF, should openly state that the uprising is not only about Oromo land, Oromo peasants, and Oromia, but that it is also a democratic movement that includes and speaks for other ethnic groups as well. With few exceptions, the word “Ethiopia” is not mentioned even once in the numerous declarations made by Oromo leaders and activists. The Oromo leadership must understand that there is no point for other ethnic groups to rise and support the uprising if the whole concept of a common country is removed from the political horizon. Without unity, the removal presages chaos, which is enough to stifle the will to show solidarity with the Oromo revolt.

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For more than forty years’ Marxism/Leninism has dominated Ethiopian politics. The current government outwardly gives the appearance of being polished and scholarly, but they have not abandoned their core Marxist values. Liberals in the west have always been infatuated with leftist leaders in the developing world. The west has been deluded and deceived by EPRDF for the last 25 years. Meles Zenawi up until his death was looked as an enlightened and gifted leader, yet this man was a hard-core Marxist. He deceived the west with his shrewd and devious manner. The outmoded and discredited socialist ideology under the pretext of revolutionary democracy has failed Ethiopia tremendously. The visionless leadership of the Ethiopian left has brought misery, division, destitution, and misfortune to the Ethiopian people and has left the country in abyss.